The Perfect Holiday Gift Guide(s)

The ideal gifts for everyone on your list! These are delectable beauties that go beyond the mainstream, and are wholly enchanting.

Shop without guilt within this unbelievable array of supreme styles. Make your gifts the center of attention, for years to come. With this collection, you are able to give everyone exactly what they desire, and deserve. Timeless pieces that can grace the whole family…how truly spectacular!

Looking to splurge on that perfect gift? We have so many gorgeous gifts to choose from that would bring anyone to bliss! There is always something to celebrate, and we won’t let you get caught empty handed. Give the gift of unique beauty without the worry of going overboard. (Though there’s nothing wrong with going overboard!) This careful collection of handmade designs are meant to bring joy and refinement to the very lucky recipient – we wouldn’t lead you astray! Make this a year that you give with the certain poise that only perfectly mastered artisan jewelry can provide. Go ahead, indulge…just a little.

Quintessentially QUADRUM!!! It’s true, we have our favorites. There are certain pieces that we all own, or that quickly rise to the top of our wishlists. This collection shares with you what we deem the absolute most must-have pieces to add to your collection. And as you know, we take our jewelry very seriously! For anyone beginning their designer jewelry collection, or for those who have long been seeking the best…look no further. These are pieces that our artists have been making for many years that have become Quadrum wardrobe staples, or new treasures that we simply cannot resist.

Looking for that utterly unique gift that will last a lifetime? You have come to precisely the right place to find those one-of-a-kinds that will never be repeated. Our artists search the world over to find the most unusual gemstones, and they have mastered the art of superior design. We leave it to them to bring us what we all crave…our wildest dreams come true! Find what you are seeking, what will only ever be yours. The perfect gift is one like no other…literally.

One of the biggest staples in any jewelry box is the stud earring. Quadrum’s Stud Finder collection features many of the different types of studs we have in the gallery.  Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect pair of everyday studs or a pair for a special occasion, our collection of studs varies from elegant and classic to whimsical and fun- and everywhere in between!

‘Tis the Season to Sparkle & Shine! PARTY-READY JEWELRY WE LOVE: Our Holiday guide on what to buy (or what to receive) this Season! The shopping craze may be passing, but there are still parties to attend and sparkles to sport! Here we have a smattering of exactly what we find covetable and collectible! These pieces of jewelry are otherworldly and will delight your senses to no end. Ring in the New Year with hypnotizing designer jewelry in a way that has never been seen before. See for yourself the way in which your eyes twinkle in amazement at what our artists are pouring out, for all of us, this holiday season. Resolve to make beauty your daily mantra!

Gemstones embody the holiday spirit to the max – they are full of color, sparkle and utter allure – what better way to celebrate the season! Experience the feeling of pure joy worn around your neck, adorning your ears, or stacked among your favorite rings or bracelets. These exceptionally unique pieces are among our most special, rare, and interesting stones that make for the perfect holiday gift.

Design your dream collection of stacking rings today! Pile on the pretty with stunning stacking rings from the finest jewelry artists! Available in a rainbow of metals and gemstone colors,  our collection of stack rings is unparalleled in its uniqueness, variety, and excellent quality. Whether you favor traditional eternity bands, bright colored gemstones, or rings that make a statement, your perfect stack awaits you here!

Exclusively Quadrum Curated Stacks!

Curated just for you, because we love a good arm party!You probably hear us talking a lot about layers, and stacks, and parties (jewelry parties that is) – and it’s no joke, we love them all! Our arm parties go day and night, and never get tried! We proudly pile on our bracelets to decorate our wrists and arms with luscious gold and sparkle.


Engulf yourself in these powerful, dramatic and inspiring styles that we have curated just for you! Each stack is utterly unique, so find what speaks to you and make it your very own.


A Paul Morelli Trunk Show: September 9th & 10th!

Mark your calendars for this weekend! September 9-10 we will be hosting a Paul Morelli Trunk Show at QUADRUM!

PM trunk

Paul Morelli offers a collection of wonderfully refined and intricate jewelry, that is both modern and classic. His designs can only be described as luxurious simplicity, and appealing to all. Whether it’s the pristine architectural lines of his Diamonds on a Wire collection, or the stylized botanical details of his nature-inspired pieces, his restless creativity, desire for innovation, and careful attention to detail are the common threads that weave throughout his 25 years in jewelry design.


A representative from Paul Morelli’s studio will be present to assist in your selections. Come discover the magical and the wondrous!

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Happy Birthday September!

SK alas blue

Your traditional, and stunning, birthstone is sapphire. There’s no way around the ample beauty of this gorgeous gemstone.

purple MBE

Stick to tradition and look for the blue hued beauties – the shades of cool complexity. This is your time to celebrate you, so dive into the deep blue and make all your birthday dreams come true!

MG enclosed pendant

Though, sapphires are not only blue, they come in almost every color of the rainbow: red, pink, yellow, orange, green, peach, and violet colors. The most sought-after color fancy Sapphire is the rare and beautiful Padparadscha: a pink-orange corundum with a distinctive salmon color reminiscent of a tropical sunset. So step outside the box and choose a sapphire that is somewhere over the rainbow!

JB pendant

Each sapphire is totally and completely unique, though all measure a 9 on the Moh’s hardness scale (listed on this scale as corundum).  Diamond comes in as the hardest material on Earth at a 10.

MBE white

When picking your special colored sapphire, choose a color that is special to you, something that makes you feel good. It is your birthday, after all!

MBE studs

Here are some more sapphire heirloom treasures that will be cherished for generations to come…

JJ linen  gurhan venus gkcanoes gk trillium GK lilac BH pink ring BH natural blue BH marquis earrings BH flour flat asp wrap as flora dome af earring AF RRO ringimage029

Shop our entire collection of sapphire jewelry, and get celebrating!