At QUADRUM, you will discover a distinctive collection of Designer Jewelry. It is a carefully edited collection of pure luxury obtained by means of daring combinations, precious materials, purity of design and meticulous attention to detail. You will find the most exquisite choices of one-of-a-kind uniquely cut gemstones, sparkling diamonds, South Sea and Tahitian pearls, 18K, 20K, 22K and pure 24K gold, platinum, sterling silver, bronze and stainless steel all of individual artistic expression. These pieces embody a sense of both elegance and rarity; they are works of art that intensify life’s most celebratory and memorable moments; jewelry that stands the test of time.

QUADRUM has a broad and unique selection. Our site represents a sampling of our ever-changing range of selections. ´╗┐Many of our pieces are one of a kind and hand selected for their outstanding beauty and quality craftsmanship.There is nothing quite like the feeling of owning a one-of-a-kind piece of artist made jewlery.´╗┐ QUADRUM’s jewelry is the finest expression of style and beauty; the ultimate in elegance.

QUADRUM’s collections are constantly growing as we are always on the hunt to find you the most amazing jewelry in the world. We are dedicated to the challenge of providing you with a variety of extraordinary pieces encompassing a carefully edited collection and interpretation of personal adornment in a broad range of styles. We represent only the finest jewelry from the world’s most reputable and innovative artists who are continuously sending their newest creations. Through solo trunk shows and special artist appearances QUADRUM continues to intrigue, provoke, and involve its collectors. We forever look forward to surpassing your expectations.