Gabriella Kiss Trunk Show : Save The Date !

Join us for an incredibly special day! This is a day where you have the extremely rare opportunity to meet Gabriella Kiss and be privy to some of her most cherished one of a kind creations. Discover in person the unusual and intriguing, the curious and the gorgeous, all at once.


There are many reasons why everyone is going wild for Gabriella Kiss’ jewelry, and the main one that we can all agree on is that her handmade designs are the epitome of natural beauty.

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 6.41.41 PM

Whether you’ve got Mother’s Day on your mind, or you are just looking to scoop up that one of a kind gemstone stacking ring, or that completely unique piece that is out there just for you…trust us, you’ll want to be there!


This is a day we wish and hope will happen, and when it does, we marvel in seeing all the behind-the-scenes meticulous designs that have been in creation come out of the woodwork. Everything that doesn’t normally pass through our doors is now laid out for all to see.

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 6.47.24 PM

See you on Saturday May 6 from 12-5pm!!!