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Hints for the Perfect Valentine’s Gift!

Hint, hint…everything you need to make a perfect Valentine’s Day is all right here!

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Look no further for a gift that says “Be Mine“!



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Give Ultra Luxe!

Not sure what to give (or get) this Valentine’s Day? Well, there is still time to make it ultra luxe! These handmade pieces are the most coveted, most classic of all the jewelry we so carefully curate. From Todd Pownell, Todd Reed, Gabriella Kiss, and Jamie Joseph, to Barbara Heinrich, Rosanne Pugliese, Annette Ferdinandsen, Reinstein/Ross and Anne Sportun (and more!), we’ve made it easy…everything here is at the top of our wish lists!

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You can’t go wrong with beauty like this.


♥ Modern Love ♥

My first years in jewelry were spent as a custom jewelry designer. I spent most of my time designing and building one-of-a-kind pieces for individuals, but my personal interest was in Japanese art metalwork, especially the art of the sword. The ancient Japanese metalworking technique of producing “wood-grain metal” was unknown in the United States at that time and I began to develop my own methods of producing it.
Today, while I use conventional metalworking techniques to produce many objects, patterned metalwork still holds my interest. I enjoy using color and pattern in a more abstract, painterly way to create a form of art jewelry that rewards the observer with new discoveries and more pleasure the longer and closer they look.” – George Sawyer



Discover something truly unique!


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Garnet: The Gem of January!

Happy Birthday January! Your gorgeous birthstone is garnet. Traditionally a maroon-red color, different types of garnets exist in a range of colors, from green to orange to fiery red – each distinct and stunning. Garnet, also known as the “warrior’s stone,” has long been associated as being a stone of protection, being used during battle in ancient civilizations. This is a sturdy gemstone, worthy of everyday wear for generations to come. This is your month to celebrate in colorful style! Pick your pretty…