Exclusively Quadrum Curated Stacks!

Curated just for you, because we love a good arm party!You probably hear us talking a lot about layers, and stacks, and parties (jewelry parties that is) – and it’s no joke, we love them all! Our arm parties go day and night, and never get tried! We proudly pile on our bracelets to decorate our wrists and arms with luscious gold and sparkle.


Engulf yourself in these powerful, dramatic and inspiring styles that we have curated just for you! Each stack is utterly unique, so find what speaks to you and make it your very own.


Natural Beauties from Joseph Murray!

Joseph Murray has a true love of the ocean and all things inspired aquatic. We love to see what he comes up with! These South Sea pearls dangle gracefully from golden coral branches, making them the perfect summer earrings. Make a splash with these deep sea treasures!

Our Distinctive Collection of Artists Jewelry – Find them on Instagram!

We LOVE Instagram! Because we are jewelry obsessed.  Because we live and breathe for the breathtaking creations our favorite artists come up with.  Because where else can you get lost in a world of constant beauty and inspiration (besides Quadrum of course)!?

We are on constant patrol in order to bring to you, in real time, our favorite designers and their most powerfully beautiful jewelry!  We are professional jewelry curators and are here to find the jewelry that speaks to you, that is meant especially for you, and that is completely accessible (this stuff isn’t just for the red carpet anymore)!

You want more, don’t you?!

See the jewelry world through fresh eyes and fall in love with a whole new gamut of designers. We have things we want to share with you, things you need to see to understand why we swoon all day – every day!! It will become immediately clear how it is possible to spend hours in wonderment over these tiny treasures.

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Join us on our journey through the thrilling world of the most distinctive jewelry artists – you won’t look back!

L-R: Todd Reed Jewelry; Muse Showroom Featuring Yossi Harari; Tap by Todd Pownell; Reinstein/Ross; Muse Showroom Featuring Mallary Marks; Polly Wales; Maria Beaulieu; Jamie Joseph; Loriann Stevenson; Paul Morelli; Me & Ro; Nicole Landaw; Dodo by Pomellato; Gurhan; Joseph Murray; John Iversen; Lyon Jewelry; Estyn Hulbert