Silver Stunners from Lisa Jenks!

Lisa Jenks has been with us for a long time, and somehow her designs are looking better than ever. Sterling silver and stunning! We remain truly captivated with what Lisa pours out of her New York City studio. These are pieces of jewelry where playful meets bold and elegant meets every day…it doesn’t get much more versatile than that!

silver stunners

Sterling silver and white topaz necklace…we want it bad!

stunners mixed

An array of what we are loving from Lisa Jenks right now…pile on the bracelets, pick a ring and wear it every day…it’s all good!

Watch out winter, we’ve got an icy coolness all our own! Battle the elements in sterling silver, it will make you feel fierce and fabulous!!

The Q List

You know what they say, “New Year, new you.” While that may be true, it is a daunting task to completely reinvent yourself, so we like to think of the New Year as an opportunity to hone your style and make your collections truly shine as YOU! Dust off those old jewels in the back of your drawer and spruce them up by mixing in new pieces. We want to help you freshen up your jewelry box, and in turn, your whole wardrobe! Here we have a sampling of what we at Quadrum take quite seriously…The Q List! This is a curation of jewelry we take to the streets, night and day. It is so simple to follow beauty this unique – take a peek!

QUINT mixed

Jamie Joseph locket, Maria Beaulieu enhydro quartz pendant, Gabriella Kiss pope’s hand and snake hoops, Henrich and Denzel diamond memory band, Anne Sportun wrap bracelet, Pat Flynn nail bracelet, and Paul Morelli meditation bell – choose your favorites…we have!

These are ultimate staff favorites. Everyone at Quadrum either owns these pieces or is close to it (our wishlists are lengthy, but these are at the tippy top)! We are around these beauties on the daily, so we truly get to know what is a must-have!


Barbara Heinrich, John Iversen, Todd Reed, Anne Sportun, Paul Morelli, Polly Wales, Reinstein/Ross and Todd Pownell sure know how to bring the casual sophistication!

Don’t save all the sparkle for celebrations in the night, let the sun dance off these diamonds and gorgeous gemstones all day long! You are really doing yourself a favor by adding any of these pieces of highly versatile jewelry to your collection. Wear them through the day and transition into evening with ease. Diamonds and jeans – peas in a pod!

Don’t let the party start until you’ve donned yourself in Henrich and Denzel, Sethi Couture, Jemma Wynne, Jamie Joseph, Reinstein/Ross, Todd Pownell, Todd Reed or Yossi Harari!

Confident, fierce, and standout statement makers are what the evenings call for. You can do this with anything from luxe diamonds all around to subtle 24K gold pieces splashed with a little sparkle. Take large juicy gemstones and pair them with edgy mixed metals. Go all out! You are a gorgeous creature of the night and these pieces are your sensational sidekicks.


It’s time we gave silver and white gold their much deserved moment in the spotlight. Refreshing and oh-so-cool, white metals are not to be overlooked. Silvery tones are instant glamour when paired with luscious sparkle, or become the new standard for everyday wear when kept utterly simple. Satiate your cravings for beauty with a small splash of sterling silver…sometimes that’s all you need! Looking for a little more? Dapple in some diamonds for extra glitz, you won’t be sorry!

2015 is on the move, and you will surely hold up to the test of time with any of these handmade designs. Show the world who you are this year!

Looking Ahead into 2015

Happy New Year everyone! 2015 is off to a beautiful start, and we certainly want it to stay that way. Looking ahead we resolve to stay as gorgeous and glamorous as ever! In order to do this we look to our artists who supply us with fabulous handmade designs every day. We don’t have a crystal ball, but we do have timeless jewelry and the trend forecasters to thank!

Here is what the year ahead is looking like for jewelry:

gold banner

Featured: Paul Morelli, Yossi Harari, Gurhan, George Sawyer and Annette Ferdinandsen

Yellow gold. Let’s face it, this is a metal that will never go out of style! We are seeing it as the most complimentary accessory for all the 1970s attire popping up on spring runways, not to mention there was plenty of yellow gold at the 2014 Golden Globes and Oscars. Basically, stock up…yellow gold never gets old! Our artists pour out the pretty with 14K, 18K, 20K, 22K and 24K gold – who knew there were so many shades to choose from?! Glow in gold this year with Gurhan, Yossi Harari and Reinstein/Ross.

layers banner

Featured: Reinstein/Ross, Barbara Heinrich, Alex Sepkus, John Iversen, Maria Beaulieu, Gabriella Kiss and Todd Reed

Layering necklaces. Yes, spring trends are already showing up, and we are seeing a lot of relaxed bohemian looks as well as many neckline shapes allowing for our favorite way to wear jewelry to continue…in layers! Multi-strands and singles layered all work. Stones, mixed metals, chains and pendants – pile it on!!! Gabriella Kiss, Maria Beaulieu and Alex Sepkus all fill this niche.

stackables banner

Featured: Todd Pownell, Gabriella Kiss, Barbara Heinrich and Todd Reed

Stacking rings. Fashion is calling for casual accessories all around, including layered looks on the hand. Another favorite Quadrum past-time, we are so glad to see it is a look that is here to stay! These rings can have various cuts of gemstones, pavé diamonds, or simple metal-intense designs. Build a bigger look with lots of small slim styles, and then add large gemstone statement rings to accent your other fingers. Even the experts are saying the more the merrier! Barbara Heinrich, Gabriella Kiss and Todd Pownell are a great start for your stacking collection.

bohemian banner

Featured: Jemma Wynne, Bibi van der Velden, Todd Reed, John Iversen, Gabriella Kiss, Rosanne Pugliese and Annette Ferdinandsen

1960s–1970s motifs. These will be bohemian—think nature, animals, feathers, beads, and fringe—or stylized geometric forms like circles. Runways for spring 2015 and pre-fall are leaning heavily on these two decades for inspiration…be sure your accessories complement accordingly with Annette Ferdinandsen, Bibi van der Velden and Jemma Wynne.

cuff banner

Featured: Annette Ferdinandsen, Jemma Wynne, John Iversen, Pat Flynn and Todd Reed

Metal-intense statement cuffs. Nothing makes a statement like a big ol’ cuff bracelet. We saw a lot of minimalist inspiration this past year, and it is carrying over in a beautiful way! We see our artists get extremely creative with pure metal all seen in texture, finish, form and volume. Start 2015 with a statement from Pat Flynn, John Iversen or Todd Reed.

studs banner

Featured: Yossi Harari, Gabriella Kiss, Maria Beaulieu and Reinstein/Ross

Ear climbers. Our version of this trend is lots of little studs creeping up your ear. Fill in those old holes with dazzling diamonds and embrace this trend without committing to a super finite look. You can never have enough stud earrings, they are such a staple! This is a modern and funky look that has no age limits!! Check out Reinstein/Ross, Maria Beaulieu and Gabriella Kiss for more inspiration.

colored banner

Featured: Gabriella Kiss, Todd Pownell, Barbara Heinrich and Todd Reed

Colored diamonds. A huge thank you to our artists who search the world over for the most beautiful and unusual diamonds! We are finally seeing more and more raw, colored, and unusually cut diamonds that portray their true and natural charm. Now we can all have a stone that is truly unique to us. This is more than a trend, it is a lifestyle, and 2015 is the year to start living it…just ask Gabriella Kiss, Todd Reed or Barbara Heinrich.

vintage banner

Featured: Sethi Couture, Henrich and Denzel, Nathan Levy, Paul Morelli and Reinstein/Ross

Vintage-inspired designs. The beauty of the past is alive and well in present-day jewelry! From baguette diamonds to intricate scroll work and beading, we can celebrate our great-grandmothers passed in our own contemporary and stylish way. For this we look to Paul Morelli, Nathan Levy and Sethi Couture.

pinks banner

Featured: Anne Sportun, Gabriella Kiss, Maria Beaulieu, Yossi Harari and Jamie Joseph

Purples, pinks, and reds. Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year is Marsala and we are basking in this feminine yet robust hue! All of the surrounding shades on the color wheel are pretty and fair game too. Bring on everything from the muddy reds to the softer pinks and lavenders, there are so many spectacular stones to choose from. Color cousins, here we come! Thanks Yossi Harari, Rosanne Pugliese and Anne Sportun for giving us gorgeous options.

whimsical banner

Featured: Babara Heinrich, Anne Sportun, Alex Sepkus and Polly Wales

Whimsical color combinations. Mosaics of color, playful mixing of hues and rainbows are all in the cards this year. Not that we need the runways to tell us what we already knew about our love of color, but it is a welcome support to how we love to wear our jewelry! In color, year-round, with Polly Wales, Alex Sepkus and Anne Sportun.

statement banner

Featured: Rosanne Pugliese, Gabriella Kiss, Barbara Heinrich, Maria Beaulieu, Monica Rich Kosann and Jamie Joseph

Statement necklaces. Nothing makes us happier than seeing traditional fashion rules getting tossed out the window! We say, go with what you love!!! Just as the layered necklace look is here to stay, so are statement necklaces. Yay! Give those interesting and unusual large necklaces, chokers and amazing pendants a place in your wardrobe once again – they are stunning and deserve the spotlight! Discover your personal statement with Monica Rich Kosann, Jamie Joseph and Ten Thousand Things.

golden days ahead

It’s 2015 and the golden days are ahead!

Now go have yourself some jewelry fun!!!