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Quintessentially QUADRUM!!! It’s true, we have our favorites. There are certain pieces that we all own, or that quickly rise to the top of our wishlists. This collection shares with you what we deem the absolute most must-have pieces to add to your collection. And as you know, we take our jewelry very seriously! For anyone beginning their designer jewelry collection, or for those who have long been seeking the best…look no further.


These are pieces that our artists have been making for many years that have become Quadrum wardrobe staples, or new treasures that we simply cannot resist. We treat ourselves to the top shelf, and want the same for you!!!

Stunning Studs! Shop Holiday Gifts!

As with every holiday season, there is much beauty abound – so we say, step back, and let the right piece call your name! We have carefully curated for you the very best holiday gifts into a few concise guides – these are pieces of handmade artist jewelry that are sure to become favorites, and ever more sure to become heirlooms. Shop with confidence this holiday season, because we could all use a little extra beautiful intention in our every day this year!

holiday gits

Mixed recycled metals, hand selected gemstones, ethically sourced diamonds, locally handcrafted and impeccably designed jewelry all come together here to offer you a flawless experience in the handmade world of artisan jewelry!

Thank you for 38 years of love and support! Today we are celebrating #ShopSmallSaturday with our Tiny Somethings collection! This collection of sparkly spectaculars represents the sweetest little somethings you ever did see!


So shop small today – because you love local, you love small and because you love handcrafted beauty.

Happy Birthday October!

Cozy up! It’s October, and what a spectacular month it is! For all of you lucky ladies who get to celebrate your birthday this month, we have a treasure trove waiting for you. Our artists know the colors of the season, and the gemstones speak celebratory beauty. Golden delights, nature inspired pieces, and layers upon layers of opals are here to enhance your day of celebrating YOU!


Shop our Opalicious collection, and start your month of celebration!