We Love a Good Arm Party!

You probably hear us talking a lot about layers, and stacks, and parties (jewelry parties that is)…it’s no joke, we love them all! Our arm parties go day and night, and never get tired! We proudly pile on our bracelets to decorate our wrists and arms with luscious gold and sparkle.


Anne Sportun wrap bracelets are one of our favorite ways to get the Arm Party started!

But don’t be fooled, stacking jewelry is still considered to be a delicate art form. You can’t just throw it all on and expect to look like a rock star…let us assist you in selecting the blend of jewels that perfectly suits your individual style. We are all about stacking and love to assist in creating these great combos. Bring in your favorite pieces that you already own, and we will select among our great designers to find the foolproof complement pieces to mix in.

army party PF banner

Pat Flynn’s iron nail bracelets are an absolute must in any bracelet stack!

What a beautiful thing, to have the freedom to be crazy in love with everything – and wear it too! On these cooler days and evenings, we are loving our bracelet stacks made up of Pat Flynn, Anne Sportun and Paul Morelli – to name a few. John Iversen excites and Ten Thousand Things delights, mix them all together to really amp up the Arm Party!

armparty banner1

Sydney Evan, Ten Thousand Things and Gurhan are a winning combination!

Start with one piece as your showstopper, and work around it…adding until you have the most magnificent combination imaginable! Consider a Pat Flynn nail bracelet alongside a Reinstein/Ross Guinevere, and dabble in an Anne Sportun beaded wrap bracelet with a mixed metal Gurhan bracelet and Barbara Heinrich link bracelet…voila! Or try Gabriella Kiss with Todd Pownell and Todd Reed…you will be delighted! Here are some close ups of the individual pieces we think will look simply fabulous with most anything you own…

army party banner2

Todd Pownell, Gabriella Kiss and John Iversen are the beginning of something beautiful!

army party banner3

What’s dreamier than Paul Morelli, Barbara Heinrich and Pat Flynn?!

We have a deep understanding of scale and proportion, and would love to share on how to wear multiple pieces of jewelry all at once. Join us, in the gallery or from home, and in no time you too will be stacking jewelry like a pro!

Usher in 2014 with Sparkle!

Sydney Evan’s dazzling array of bracelets are a sure fire way to celebrate in style!
Watch your wrists sparkle as you make your New Year’s toast!