Glamour is Golden!

Glamorous gold! We love you for your warm hues and because you go with everything! 14K, 18K, 22K, 24K and blackened gold… it’s all good! Our artists create the most fascinating designs using this wondrous material, and we are always looking to layer up more.

golden glamour

Glam up with some layers of glorious gold!

Right now we are loving… Barbara Heinrich for her gold and diamond stunners. Ten Thousand Things for their delicate beaded strands. Maria Beaulieu for her handmade chains and gemstone pendants. Reinstein/Ross for their elegant and feminine 22K designs. John Iversen for his nature inspired golden delights. Gabriella Kiss for her simplistic designs. Alex Sepkus for his modern mashups and Todd Reed for his forever enticing creations. Check them out and start making your collections into golden treasure troves!

Summer Simplified!

Annette Ferdinandsen’s jewelry is delicate and bold, playful and innocent, form and craft; a sort of cabinet of curiosities. Hand made in precious materials, her work echoes the gracefulness of the natural world. Influenced by her heritage of Scandinavian Design, elegance and simplicity is her aesthetic. In her jewelry, Annette embraces the essences of the seasons and cycles outside her door. Her studio is filled with specimens which she uses for inspiration. Her work is meant to be collected as a memory; sentiment with longevity.

summer simplified

Annette Ferdinandsen…forever beautiful!

summer cuffs

Make it the summer of cuff lovin’ with John Iversen, Annette Ferdinandsen, Pat Flynn and Ten Thousand Things!

summer color

Rosanne Pugliese showcases all the colors of summer!

Other artists to discover this summer…John Iversen, Rosanne Pugliese, Ten Thousand Things and Pat Flynn! Make the most of your summer and simplify by wearing stunning pieces that are effortlessly stylish.

Spring Flowers

Inspired by flowers in bloom, collectively our artists’ have an impressive array of everlasting floral beauties! Right now we are marking the beginning of a run of months when colorful flowers are in bloom and natural beauty is abound. While enjoying what is happening outside, we love to spruce up our wardrobe with some floral accents that will last even as the seasons progress.

Take a look at what has our fancy…orchids, roses, hydrangea and more!

Have a fling with spring! Freshen up your jewelry collection with a new piece that reminds the world how precious this time of year is. Appreciate beauty inside and out, natural and handcrafted.

The Bold & The Beautiful from Ten Thousand Things!

Ten Thousand Thing’s designs are completely right for today, tomorrow and forevermore. The range from delicate to bold is refreshing! There is no commitment to a single look, and no restraints on your statement. Mix and match your metals without a second thought. Ten Thousand Things makes it that easy for us, and we love them for it!


Ten Thousand Things…thoroughly unique!


Start planning where you want to wear your next piece of amazing designer jewelry!

Ten Thousand Things is one for the collector in you – they are giving us more reason then ever to make room in our jewelry boxes for more fabulous treasures!