Glittering Gemstone Rings from Gabriella Kiss!

These gemstone rings from Gabriella Kiss are a collector’s dream come true! Curate your own personal collection of luscious stacking rings – gemstones expertly set into 18K yellow gold with the artist’s signature flair. We know you can’t stop at one…!


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Diamonds + Gold = PERFECTION!

Glamour is golden – Reinstein/Ross’ glamour is not only golden, it is also timeless and effortlessly classic.

Their signature gold alloys are unparalleled in their perfected hues of apricot, peach, chartreuse and yellow. Get lost in dripping layers of gold and sparkling diamonds. Forever rings and everyday earrings – you will find it all here!

RROShop for tomorrow, today!

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Happy Birthday March!

All you March babies out there – it’s time to celebrate your special month in typical Aries/Pisces fashion – in daring, watery cool style! Your optimism is unparalleled, and your artistic intuitiveness gives you a leg up on curating your personal collection of the most gorgeous handcrafted jewelry there is.

The birthstone for March is aquamarine, which stems from the Latin “aqua marinus”, meaning, “water of the sea”.  With a color evocative of the ocean’s crystalline waters, aquamarine has been long used as a talisman for sailors who believed it would bring safety to their ship. Aquamarine is still viewed as an embodiment of all things related to the sea. So dive in, (there’s much to discover in this world of air and water) and treat yourself right!


Imperfect Beauty by Polly Wales

Polly Wales. You’ve never seen beauty like this!

I wanted to disrupt the idea that jewelry is this pristine thing.” This is the epitome of Polly Wales and her raw, unconventionally beautiful collections. Using the ancient jewelry-making technique known as lost wax casting, her work creates the impression that, rather than being precisely set, the gemstones have serendipitously found their way into the gold.


PWLet your inner beauty out, and wear your heart on your sleeve… or finger, or neck…!