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Curated Just for You!

We love a good arm party! You probably hear us talking a lot about layers, and stacks, and parties (jewelry parties, that is). It’s no joke, we love them all!


Luminizer Stack


Our arm parties go day and night, and never get tired!



Rose-Colored Life Stack


We proudly pile on our bracelets to decorate our wrists and arms with luscious gold and sparkle.



Forever Sparkle Stack


Engulf yourself in these powerful, dramatic, and inspiring styles that we have curated for you!



Edgy Elegance Stack


Each stack is utterly unique, so find what speaks to you and make it your very own.



Loyal to Luxury Stack

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Pearls: A Sight to Sea!

Dive deep and discover the power of pearls! Our artists are here to bring you the most lustrous pearls in all shapes, sizes and colors. With pieces that range from simple to ornate, you will never think of pearls in the same way again.

pearls 1 pearls 2

Feminine, elegant and show-stoppingly beautiful, this collection of pearls pieces is like no other – some see the ultimate in the treasures of the sea!

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Petals to the Metal!

Never underestimate the power of flowers – especially when they are eternally stunning!


petals John Iversen, Paul Morelli, Gabriella Kiss, Barbara Heinrich, Julez Bryant, Sethi Couture and more… these artists show us the true meaning of natural beauty.

Feminine, delicate and each unique – create your own bouquet!


Gem Gossip Visits Quadrum!

Danielle of Gem Gossip came and played jewelry with us – and what fun we had!


#gemgossipdoesma ooh-ing and aah-ing the cases at Quadrum with Director, Sia Maravelias

A jewelry collector since she was four years old, Danielle officially started her career in the jewelry business in 2008 when she first began her successful blog, Gem Gossip. The jewelry blog focuses on jewelry trends, antique and period jewelry, celebrity jewelry, as well as exclusive designer interviews.  It is also a hub for gemstone and jewelry education, considering Danielle’s studies through the Gemological Institute of America.


Engagement rings as unique as your love – #showmeyourrings

Take a look at what Gem Gossip discovered and desired…


Sorellina bracelets


Lilly Fitzgerald is everything


Moritz Glick, Sorellina and Todd Pownell – layering matches made in heaven!


Spinelli Kilcollin, for you who love your rings most!


Read Danielle’s full blog post about her visit to Quadrum here.


Maria Bealieu pendants that Gem Gossip discovered on her #jewelryroadtrip