Usher in Spring with Gabriella Kiss!

Celebrate the arrival of spring with a piece of nature inspired jewelry from Gabriella Kiss!


Cool colored gemstones and golden curiosities that mimic life all around us. We are smitten with the snakes, butterflies, mushrooms and birds alike. Discover a whole new world here – we are sure you will love what you find!


Glittering Gemstone Rings from Gabriella Kiss!

These gemstone rings from Gabriella Kiss are a collector’s dream come true! Curate your own personal collection of luscious stacking rings – gemstones expertly set into 18K yellow gold with the artist’s signature flair. We know you can’t stop at one…!


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Gabriella Kiss… Beauty by Nature!

Celebrate the arrival of spring with a piece of nature inspired jewelry, handcrafted by Gabriella Kiss!


MAKE A STATEMENT! Rough black tourmaline crystals with 18k yellow gold ants!



Sweet Little Somethings from John Iversen!

For anyone who appreciates true beauty, inspired by mother nature herself, these sweet little somethings from John Iversen will find their way into your loved one’s heart forever! Pearls as white as snow and flowers that last forever, you are bound to find the handmade treasure of her dreams right here.


Celebrate this Valentine’s Day in the most romantic way possible – with a piece of handcrafted designer jewelry as unique as your love.