Jewels for the Lapel from Pat Flynn!

There is something of an alchemist’s magic in Pat Flynn. Like those artful wizards of long ago, he changes common materials into objects of value and delight. Rusty nails, chips of slate, slivers of ivory snatched from discarded piano keys – all transform under Flynn’s skillful hand, emerging as delicate pins and brooches. Embracing “all those things that mean function,” the artist creates palm size works that become wearable sculptural drawings. Seemingly simple, the pieces harbor an intensity and detail that entice the viewer to linger over them, yet never overpower the wearer. They have earned Flynn a growing reputation as a creative innovator in the field, evidenced in his numerous workshops and exhibitions. In its miniature elegance, Flynn’s work redefines our notions of richness.


While many of the pieces feature elements of silver and gold, it is the incorporation of common materials, which expands their meanings. Ignoring monetary value and tradition, Flynn chooses substances for their contributions of color and texture. Pewter and slate lend a rich grayness; rusty nails and barbed wire reveal a character and history of their own. Drawing inspiration from his rural Pennsylvania upbringing, Flynn captures personal memories of farm life and the out-of-doors in his work. “Many of my works spring from images and feelings from my childhood on the farm,” Flynn comments, “Daily life with its patterns and rhythms, had a good discipline there. Many of the materials, colors, and textures I work with come from memories of those daily walks – both good and bad.”

A little unexpected… a lot of style!

Beautiful statements from Gabriella Kiss! Wear your style on your sleeve (or lapel, as it were). These gorgeous, nature inspired, pieces of jewelry look amazing adorned on your top, scarf or bag.


Brooches are back…bring a little piece of unexpected beauty into your everyday!

Love Tokens by Gabriella Kiss

Join us, tomorrow, for a Gabriella Kiss Trunk Show and personal appearance by the artist herself!!

GK love tokens

The curios and the gorgeous…all at once!

Captivation is instantaneous when you enter the world of Gabriella Kiss! The “Love Token” series was inspired by the 19th century tradition of giving a painted eye to a loved one. Find your own personal meaning in Gabriella Kiss’s “Love Token” rings, earrings and pins! (Mother’s Day is just around the corner…hint hint)

This Saturday (that’s tomorrow!!!), from 12-5pm, Gabriella will be in the gallery…that’s right, the artist we all know and love will be at QUADRUM, and with her will be many new pieces to discover and cherish.

Meet the woman behind all these elegant creations, tomorrow!

Heart Pins… A Pat Flynn, and Quadrum, Exclusive!

Pat Flynn has been making incredible jewelry at least since Quadrum has been around, and we just fall deeper in love with his designs every year! One line of his work that, rightfully so, has gained an enormous following are his beloved heart pins. Fairly recently, Pat has decided to dramatically slow production of these whimsical and lovely pins. We, and you, have resisted so Quadrum is being graced with the extreme honor of housing the country’s exclusive collection of Pat Flynn Heart Pins! Many stores and galleries have had their pieces pulled and sent to us – we are giddy and grateful!

starry night heart pin

“Starry Night” Heart Pin – Sterling Silver, Platinum and Diamonds

If you are already a heart pin collector, or looking to start wearing your heart on your sleeve (or sweater, as it were)…now is your chance to scoop up the beautiful remnants of an era in jewelry making that is sure to go down in the books!

heart pins PF

“Soul” Heart Pin – Iron, Diamonds, 18K white and yellow golds

Each pin is handcrafted with pure love. Don’t let these pass you by!