Gem Gossip Visits Quadrum!

Danielle of Gem Gossip came and played jewelry with us – and what fun we had!


#gemgossipdoesma ooh-ing and aah-ing the cases at Quadrum with Director, Sia Maravelias

A jewelry collector since she was four years old, Danielle officially started her career in the jewelry business in 2008 when she first began her successful blog, Gem Gossip. The jewelry blog focuses on jewelry trends, antique and period jewelry, celebrity jewelry, as well as exclusive designer interviews.  It is also a hub for gemstone and jewelry education, considering Danielle’s studies through the Gemological Institute of America.


Engagement rings as unique as your love – #showmeyourrings

Take a look at what Gem Gossip discovered and desired…


Sorellina bracelets


Lilly Fitzgerald is everything


Moritz Glick, Sorellina and Todd Pownell – layering matches made in heaven!


Spinelli Kilcollin, for you who love your rings most!


Read Danielle’s full blog post about her visit to Quadrum here.


Maria Bealieu pendants that Gem Gossip discovered on her #jewelryroadtrip

Happy Birthday To You!

Happy Birthday all you July babies…It is your month to celebrate, shine, splurge and indulge! Our artists have all the secrets to having the best Birthday yet!


Jamie Joseph will have you celebrating in gorgeous ruby style!


Stack up your rubies with Gabriella Kiss’ simply stunning 18K yellow gold rings!

One of the most valuable gemstones, rubies are considered to be the king (or, queen, if you will) of gems. They represent love, health and wisdom. What a great way to step into your next year of this journey.

Celebrate life!

Bridal Redefined!

The big day, the grand entrance, the yes I do’s, the with these two rings, the first dance, the champagne toast, the sparkling conversation, the irresistible jewels, the dance the night away, the memorable experiences, the happily ever after…. Make your dreams a reality with Quadrum’s designer wedding bands and engagement rings! The ring you have always dreamed of….Quadrum Gallery’s designer engagement rings and wedding bands are uniquely beautiful and have been carefully curated, perfect for the modern and distinctive bride-to-be! Featuring Barbara Heinrich, Anne Sportun, Henrich & Denzel, Alex Sepkus, Todd Reed, Gabriella Kiss, Maria Beaulieu, Reinstein/Ross, Todd Pownell, George Sawyer, Sethi Couture, Polly Wales and Nathan Levy.

bridal redefined

Redefine the way you think of wedding bands and engagement rings!

Each handcrafted ring is perfect for anyone with a strong sense of style who is interested in wearing a unique designer ring that speaks of confidence and individuality, a creative spirit, and an appreciation for thoughtful, elegant jewelry. Take the approach of personal style that reflects the way you live now, and love forever. We are so excited to be a part of your remarkable future!

Celebrate Summer with Gabriella Kiss!

Gabriella Kiss’ delicate, figurative jewelry is at once poetic and scientific. Meticulously crafted in the finest materials, her precision reveals the awesome beauty of nature’s nuances.



Through her renowned jewelry, Gabriella gracefully honors her enduring fascination with nature, with life cycles, with birth and death and the universe in between. Gabriella Kiss has an eye for the small and is drawn to detail, deriving inspiration from the flora and fauna of nature and the life cycles of the natural world and art history. The pieces are meant to have a personal meaning to the wearer, beyond adornment. 

Quadrum Gallery is pleased to offer an extensive selection of Gabriella Kiss rings, Gabriella Kiss earrings, Gabriella Kiss necklaces, Gabriella Kiss bracelets and Gabriella Kiss pins.