I wanted to disrupt the idea that jewelry is this pristine thing." This is the epitome of Polly Wales and her raw, unconventionally beautiful collections. Using the ancient jewelry-making technique known as lost wax casting, her work creates the impression that, rather than being precisely set, the gemstones have serendipitously found their way into the gold.
With a background in sculpture from the Royal College of Art in London, Polly Wales moved towards creating jewelry as a means of capturing the sheer joy and pleasure found in collecting beautiful handcrafted objects. Without restriction to technique or material, and totally unbound by convention, Polly Wales found a way to combine her skills as a sculptor, and her love of traditional casting and carving techniques, to create one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry. Each piece is custom made to order, representing the spirit of the individual who will wear it, and the process by which imperfections become better with time.
In Polly Wales' work, you will find richly colored and beautifully cut, natural stones such as multi-colored sapphires, rubies and raw diamonds, directly cast into gold, creating pieces that are wonderfully inconsistent, and totally unique with each casting. The serendipity and chaos that goes into every piece is the unorthodox process so unique to Polly, and has become her signature style of timeless treasures destined to be loved and worn forever.
Quadrum Gallery is pleased to offer an extensive selection of Polly Wales rings, necklaces and earrings.

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