Quadrum Gallery has proudly stood as a Boston jewelry institution since 1978. With 42 years of experience and a reputation for excellence of both quality and service, founder Cynthia Kagan made a name for the gallery as an exclusive destination for innovative pieces of unmatched craft and design. Representing some of the most talented jewelry designers in the world, Quadrum heralds these talented artists as the very heart of our brand.

Today, owner Sia Maravelias, Assistant Director Amy Renneisen, and the small, dedicated gallery staff are intensely focused on the artistic expression of adornment, as shown in their passion, energy, and devotion.

As one of the nation’s most highly regarded jewelry stores, Quadrum is known by both Bostonians and the world beyond as a treasure within The Shops at Chestnut Hill, just 5 miles outside the city. The gallery extends to embrace a robust worldwide web presence as well, with an always updated inventory of fabulous gems available to enjoy online.

We take immense pride in providing you with an enjoyable shopping experience in a fun and friendly environment. 
Quadrum Gallery | Designer Jewelry Store located in Chestnut Hill, 5 miles from Boston, Massachusetts


We provide joy. For everyone. We are a gem of a company, strong and growing. We are forward thinkers. We love to laugh. We like good, kind people. We obsess over minutia. We believe in giving great service. We are active in the pursuit of equality. We provide consistently good quality. We deliver consistently on time. We are timeless. We love pets. We love the ocean. We love yoga. We love rocks and crystals. We give to our communities. We work with the best artists and designers. We sell our collection in the most spectacular of retail environments. We are non–traditional. We love what we do. We create an environment of mutual respect. We respect our environment. We believe in providing customers with value. We value our customers. We are curious about everything. We are stopped by nothing. We are on a mission to make the world a more joyful place, one piece of jewelry at a time.

I came to Quadrum in 1999 and was promoted to Director in 2005, where I managed the gallery for 16 years. All my jewelry dreams came true in February 2021, when I became the owner of the gallery I love so dearly. Quadrum has forever captured my heart and soul.
I have an indisputable passion for jewelry, and an unrivaled expertise in understanding my client’s needs. I am forever passionate about celebrating all things of great artistry, originality, and incredible harmony. I am energized by the unique craftsmanship of each designer I bring back to Quadrum. In love with all things beautiful, my life is one big treasure hunt, and everyone who knows me knows I can play jewelry all day, every day!
I want to inspire my clients to find their own unique sense of personal style. Whether it is a personal purchase or a gift commemorating a special celebration, the pieces we bring into our lives tell a fascinating story. These are the details that transform a piece of jewelry into a lifelong treasure. With a firsthand knowledge of each of Quadrum's collections and the artists we represent, I relish the challenge of satisfying any jewelry request, and assisting in handling all your jewelry needs.
I invite you to join me at Quadrum, in person or virtual, as I hope to inspire you on your own personal jewelry journey.
XO, Sia
Sia Maravelias, Owner, Quadrum Gallery | Designer Jewelry