Morning Meadow Stack

Quadrum Curated

Rise and shine with a walk through the meadow in the early morn. Here, strands of diamond dew sparkle in the sun of a new day, golden light begins to blanket the earth, and a rocky brook bubbles happily along, reflecting flickers of daylight. A dragonfly says hello! Feel into a sense of connection as you gently tread through the colorful wildflowers and breathe in the fresh air with your own morning song on your wrist. Shop this sun-drenched set as a stack or separately and set the tone for a wonderful rest of your day! 

To Shop These Bracelets Individually: 

Heavyweight Chain Bracelet - Maria Beaulieu

Multicolored Diamond Bar Bracelet - Lene Vibe

Single Wire Bracelet with Three Diamonds - Paul Morelli 

Thin Rock Cuff - Annie Fensterstock

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