A *Kiss* for Everyone on Your List!

December 16, 2022

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Infused with the vital energy of the Earth's flora and fauna, a piece from Gabriella Kiss tops every jewelry lover's wish list. The magic of the universe itself is at play as the spirit of all living things is alchemized into tiny sculptural expressions of wearable art. Curate a custom collection of inspiring treasures, stack on the layers of your story in all the gem colors of the natural world, and celebrate the senses in warm, satiny gold. The human experience is truly one of beauty, curiosity and wonder!
Hexagonal Ruby Pendant Necklace
Large Hammered Scallop Earrings
Eye with Tear Ring
Oval Kazakhstan Turquoise Earrings
Small Snake Hoops with Blue Sapphires
Oval Blue Chalcedony Ring
Pine Needle Necklace
Rectangular Moonstone Earrings
Rubellite Tourmaline Ring
Pave Diamond Snake Bangle
Love Token Bracelet
Oval Amethyst Earrings
Rectangular Aquamarine Earrings
Large Snake Ring
Square Blue Sapphire Ring
Hazelnut Necklace
White Pearl Eggplant Earrings
Swallow Intaglio Lapis Ring
Cushion Moss Aquamarine Ring
Square Aquamarine Earrings
Rock Crystal Hickory Nut Necklace
Oval Blue Chalcedony Ring
Oval Blue Kyanite Earrings
Pope's Hand Necklace
Guggenheim Earrings with Needle Drops
Pear Shaped Colombian Emerald Ring
Green Story Necklace
Curiosity & Wonder Earrings
Small Eye Earrings
Green Oval Sapphire Ring
Pear Shaped Orange Lacy Diamond Ring
Double Rutilated Quartz Pendant Necklace
Small Antler Earrings
Oval Almandine Garnet Ring


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