John Iversen's Garden Party!

May 25, 2022

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Cultivate your own personal jewelry garden with the latest arrivals from John Iversen. Leaves, seeds, flowers and stones are poised to delight the senses and highlight your warmer weather looks. Mixed metals keep things fresh and vibrant while gems bring a splash of color to the party. Perfect to gift yourself or a loved one, this bounty of casually elegant pieces will become your everyday essentials!
Tiny Double Leaf Earrings
Medium Moon Necklace
Mixed Metal Double Seed Necklace
Emerald Trio Jacks Earrings
Susan Swirl Earrings
Leaf Necklace with Diamonds
Tiny Pebble Pendant Necklace
Small Aquamarine Jacks Earrings
1" Hoops
Square Studs with Surprise Diamonds
Baby Pearl Jacks Earrings
Large 3 Part Hydrangea Earrings
Pave Diamond Boxwood Leaf Studs
Mixed Metal Hydrangea Necklace
Small Silver Pebble Pendant Necklace
Rock Crystal Single Jacks Earrings
Four Part Hydrangea Earrings with Pearls
Mini Basket Studs
Berry Ball Earrings
Mixed Hydrangea Twin Earrings
Large Silver Hoops
Small Nephrite Jade Jacks Earrings


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