Mixed Metal Masterpieces from Kate Maller

January 23, 2024

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Nestled in its own universe between retro and modern, this imaginative artisan collection from Kate Maller is jumping with personality! Each work is a mixed-metals masterpiece, combining gold and silver in exciting new ways. The lyrical chain gives new life to the term "ombré", while the waterfall-era diamond deco earrings or the Aspen statement cuff are true show stoppers of personality and design. View the latest Kate Maller has to offer at Quadrum today!
Aspen Squared Cuff
Decidedly Deco Diamond Earrings
Dusted Orb Earrings
Scattered Diamond Statement Necklace
Walking on the Moon Cuff Bracelet
Breezy Chain Link Earrings
City Lights Necklace
Jolene Ring
In Bloom Stacking Skinny Cuff 
Mixed Metal Ribbon Earrings
Triple Diamond Starburst Earrings
Lyrical Chain
Flared Spring Cuff 
Double Gold Moon Surface Earrings
Mini Turning Aspen Pendant Necklace
Black and Gold Dusted Band
Black and Gold Luxe Chain Bracelet
Dusted Orb Statement Earrings
Mixed Metal Boulder Diamond Necklace
Narrow Scattered Diamond Cuff
Black and Gold Diamond Disc Drop Earrings
The Twilight Band
Scattered Diamond Band
Timeless Diamond Solitaire Necklace
Luxe Aspen Necklace
Essential Hinged Bangle
Aspen Statement Cuff 
Pebble Necklace



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