Modern Pearls! NEW Arrivals from Gellner

March 29, 2022

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Lustrously shining from black to white, and everything in between, the pearl has reigned as one of the most classic, versatile choices in the jewelry world. From a timeless, perfectly uniform strand to an organic and abstract expression of the ocean’s prized possession, this mermaid's gem appeals to all who appreciate the beauty and magic of the sea.
Pink Ming Pearl Pendant Necklace
Blackberry Macrame Bracelet with Pearl
Light Gray Macrame Bracelet 
Rose Gold Hoops with South Sea Pearls
White South Sea Pearl Studs
Gray Diamond and Tahitian Pearl Necklace
Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Pendant Necklace
Teal Macrame Bracelet
Sand Macrame Bracelet
Brown Tahitian Pearl Earrings
Brown Diamond and South Sea Pearl Necklace
Multicolored Rutile Quartz Bracelet
My Lucky Pearl Bracelet
Gray Diamond and Tahitian Pearl Necklace
Gray Tahitian Pearl Pendant Necklace
Agate, Quartz and Pearl Bracelet
Multicolored Tahitian Pearl Bracelet
Gray Tahitian Pearl Pendant Necklace
Gray Tahitian Pearl Studs
Black Macrame Bracelet