NEW Arrivals ✨ Lene Vibe

February 28, 2024

An 18k yellow gold stud earring with a carved flower and blue diamond paired with a white south sea pearl earring by jewelry designer Lene Vibe

Tempt your tastebuds with fresh, fantasy finds from Lene Vibe! A pearl is reimagined to a mouthwatering treat as a watery sea washes its pearly gems ashore, while a critter with glittering diamond eyes gazes about. A high level of detail and imagination is infused into each pendant, ring, bracelet and chain, ready to transport you to a state of otherworldly elegance. Find your pearl in this treasure chest of precious bounty!
Diamond & Tahitian Pearl Earrings
Carved Strawberry Pearl Pendant
Bug Pendant with Diamond Eyes
Turquoise Cord Bracelet with Tahitian Pearls
Beige Nylon Cord Tahitian Pearl Bracelet
Diamond Snail Ring
Floral Studs with Diamonds
Butterfly Freshwater Pearl Pendant
Baby Owl and Pearl Pendant Necklace
Brown Cord Bracelet with Rose Cut Diamond
Hammered Band with Multicolored Diamonds
Hoops with Pink Freshwater Pearl Drops
Sea Green Leaf Bracelet
Carved Opal Fish Necklace
Faceted Tahitian Pearl Pendant
Green Diamond Popsicle Bracelet
Winged Critter South Sea Pearl Bracelet
Diamond Mushroom Ring
South Sea Pearl Critter Pendant
Floral Pink South Sea Pearl Earrings
Winged Critter Studs with Pearls
Twisted Link Chain with Blue Sapphires


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Today! Design with Barbara Heinrich ✨
Today! Design with Barbara Heinrich ✨

April 20, 2024

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A large, dark blue, lapis nugget necklace with interspersed 18k yellow gold beads with a stack of yellow gold and diamond rings in the foreground, one with a round, faceted blue sapphire and one with a square, bezel set blue sapphire
Today & Tomorrow! Meet Barbara Heinrich

April 18, 2024

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