NEW Arrivals from Joseph Brooks: Rock Solid Style!

September 12, 2022

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Get a first look at the latest rock-solid styles from Joseph Brooks! Your stack is waiting for a new addition or two from this collection's cuts and colors that are hard to resist! Drape layers of gem-stoned necklaces around your neck, infused with healing properties everyone can benefit from now and then. Let the simplicity of a crystal pendant clear your mind and nourish your spirit, and find strength in the power of nature's gifts.
Smooth Lapis Bracelet
Malibu Lagoon Surfer Necklace
Zuma Surfer Necklace
Faceted Aquamarine Bracelet
Faceted Labradorite Bracelet
Amethyst Crystal Necklace
Kunzite Crystal Necklace
Multicolored Tourmaline Bracelet
Dark Ruby Bracelet
"Mother of Pearl" Necklace
"She's a Rainbow" Necklace
Multicolor Sapphire Bracelet
Afghan Sodalite Bracelet
Citrine Crystal Necklace
Carrizo Surfer Necklace
Prehnite Bracelet
Chrome Diopside Bracelet
Venus in Furs Black Tourmaline Necklace
Emerald in Quartz Necklace
Tibetan Bodhi Bracelet with Chrome Diopside
Herkimer Diamond Bracelet
Montana De Oro Surfer Necklace
Avalon Surfer Necklace
Burmese Jade Bracelet


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