NEW Arrivals from Marian Maurer!

February 26, 2024

A row of 5 18k yellow gold necklaces with pendants from jewelry designer Marian Maurer with a stack of bezel set, multicolored sapphire bands

New Marian Maurer jewelry has just landed at Quadrum! Bask in the warmth of brushed gold and softened geometry, with jewel-toned gemstones nestled snug in their bezels. For those unafraid to express their love for precious metals and sizzling stones, curvaceous bands of gold beckon while detailed, petite pendants are ready to say it with a more subtle seduction. Meet somewhere in the middle with a star sign pendant and spark an intimate connection to the universe around you!
Dark Pink Sapphire Porch Skimmer Band
Diamond City Hoops
"M" Initial and Diamond Tag Pendant Necklace
Pear Shaped Blue Sapphire Callista Ring
Pink Sapphire Porch Skimmer Band
Small Dakri Hoops
Kima Diamond Necklace
Ruby Callista Ring
Pear Shaped Sapphire City Earrings
Gray Sapphire City Pendant Necklace
Large Goddness Band with Diamonds
Rectangular Purple Sapphire City Earrings
Oval Blue Green Sapphire City Pendant Necklace
Vivi Band with Diamonds
Denim Blue Montana Sapphire Band
Leo Pendant Necklace
Granulated City Hoops
Purple Sapphire Callista Ring
Orange Sapphire Porch Skimmer Band
"A" Initial Pendant Necklace
Thin Plain City Hoops
Scalloped Sia Diamond Band


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April 20, 2024

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A large, dark blue, lapis nugget necklace with interspersed 18k yellow gold beads with a stack of yellow gold and diamond rings in the foreground, one with a round, faceted blue sapphire and one with a square, bezel set blue sapphire
Today & Tomorrow! Meet Barbara Heinrich

April 18, 2024

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