NEW Designer ✨ Kimberlin Brown

September 07, 2022

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Have a fresh look at the wonders of the world through the charismatic collection from our newest designer, Kimberlin Brown. Celebrating the unique qualities of each carefully chosen gem and setting, these luxurious pieces are designed to evoke a certain wistful curiosity about the universe in all its splendor. From the starry sky to the shimmering sea, and every living tree in between, take a trip through the uncharted beauty that endlessly inspires and feeds the soul.
Crowned Turquoise and Diamond Studs 
Tahitian Pearl Pussy Willow Necklace
Persian Turquoise Pussy Willow Necklace
Crowned Opal and Diamond Studs 
Little Dipper Studs
Japanese Biwa Pearl Pendant Necklace
Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Pussy Willow Bracelet
Blossom Branch Drop Earrings
Opal and Diamond Starburst Studs
Jupiter's Raindrop Diamond Ring
Opal and Diamond Pendant Necklace
Rose Cut Diamond Comet Studs
Full Moon & Stars Diamond Ring
South Sea Pussy Willow Necklace
Opal and Diamond Jellyfish Studs
Icelandic Aurora Borealis Opal and Diamond Ring
Cloud Eternity Diamond Band
Midnight Forest Tahitian Pearl Necklace
Japanese Keshi Pearl Petal Studs 
Pave Diamond Budding Pussy Willow Bangle
Polaris Opal and Diamond Ring
Stardust Diamond Studs
Partly Cloudy Diamond Band
Celestial Star Diamond Droplet Ring


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