NEW Designer: Introducing Lene Vibe!

April 07, 2022

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From Denmark, we warmly welcome the collection of nature-inspired, handcrafted jewelry from Lene Vibe to Quadrum! As if uncovered from a treasure chest at the ocean's floor, these pieces evoke mystery, magic, beauty and wonder. Organic pearls meld with gold florals, carved skulls beam with life and lustre, and diamonds twinkle like the dew. Find your taste for adventure and reap the rewards in jewelry as intriguing as the wild sea itself.
Floral Hoops with Diamonds
Pink Floral Freshwater Pearl Pendant
Paperclip Chain with Green Diamonds
White Pearl Skull Ring
Floral Pink Freshwater Pearl Earrings
Multicolored Diamond Triple Ring
Diamond and Skull Pearl Cord Bracelet
Floral South Sea Pearl Pendant
Popsicle Necklace with Diamond Beads
Floral Tahitian Pearl Drop Earrings
Gold Bar and Tahitian Pearl Bracelet
Tahitian Pearl Snake Pendant
Leaf Ear Climbers with Diamonds
Floral South Sea Pearl Earrings
Carved Fairy Skull Pearl Pendant
Multicolored Diamond Bar Bracelet
Multicolored Diamond Hoops
Tahitian Pearl Pendant with Flowers
Unicorn Tahitian Pearl Pendant
Paperclip Bracelet with Gray Diamonds
Double Multicolored Diamond Ring
Floral Tahitian Pearl Earrings
Paperclip Chain with Gray Diamond Beads
Feather and Tahitian Pearl Bracelet
Navy Braided Bracelet with Keshi Pearls
Tahitian Pearl Pendant with Flower