NEW Gabriella Kiss! Dream Pieces to Gift (or keep!)

December 21, 2023

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With a modern simplicity, artist Gabriella Kiss infuses a deeply significant love of nature into her body of work. Every stone, worthy of a closer look and a keen curiosity, is set in her distinctive signature style. Along with her wonderful gemstone pieces, many sculptural tributes to the flora and fauna of our world will touch the soul of any jewelry collector with an affinity for the unique and one of a kind.
Mother of Pearl Crescent Moon Earrings
Crystal Labradorite Pendant Necklace
Blue Chalcedony Bean Pendant Necklace
Agate Ring with Dragonfly Intaglio
Blue Sapphire Ring
Catherine The Great Earrings
Silver Ivy Leaf Necklace
Oval Toad's Eye Ring
Rectangular Labradorite Earrings
Silver Deer Cuff
Pine Needle Necklace
Horizontal Turquoise Drop Earrings
Bird Head Earrings with Pearl Drops
Mother of Pearl Full Moon Pendant Necklace
Cushion Dendrite Ring
Pink Sapphire Gem Bug Studs
Ruby Slice Earrings
Small Eye Pendant Necklace
Large Spiral Snake Pin
Natural Pink Sapphire Ring
Pear Shaped Rubellite Tourmaline Ring
Crystal Chinese Lantern Earrings
Butterfly Cell Wing Earrings
Almandine Garnet Ring with Tree Intaglio
Pear Citrine Pendant Necklace
Small Snake Ring
Bezel Set Oval Dendrite Ring
Red Lacy Rose Cut Diamond Earrings
Large Snake Hoops with Diamond Drops
Rose Cut Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring



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