NEW Lene Vibe: Enter a Realm of Jeweled Enchantment!

September 17, 2022

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Journey into a world where nature meets fantasy, where the physical meets the ethereal, where you can hold the entire universe in the palm of your hand...New Lene Vibe is in, and you don't want to miss this luxurious display of works, dripping with inspiration and artistry. Take neutrals to a whole new level with matte gold and bold, glowing pearls that seem to live and breathe. Allow yourself the pleasure to experience these pieces with all your senses, and prepare to enter a realm of jeweled enchantment!
Strawberry Tahitian Pearl Pendant
Tahitian Pearl Bracelet
Diamond Mushroom Ring
Golden Floral Pendant
Floral Tahitian Pearl Drop Earrings
Tahitian Pearl Floral Cord Bracelet
Popsicle Bracelet with Emerald Beads
Winged Critter Studs
Whimsical Tahitian Pearl Pendant
Gold Bar with Tahitian Pearls Bracelet
Sky Blue Floral Bracelet
Paperclip Chain with Green Diamond Beads
Winged Critter Pendant with Pearl 
Triple Leaf Bracelet with Pearls 
Navy Braided Bracelet with Keshi Pearls
Floral Tahitian Pearl Earrings
Swirl Ring with Diamond
Olive Green Fairy Skull Bracelet
Freshwater Pink Pearl Pendant
Pink Floral South Sea Earrings
Diamond and Skull Pearl Cord Bracelet
Multicolored Diamond Triple Ring
Floral Tahitian Pearl Earrings
Floral Freshwater Pearl Charm 
Light Pink Feather Bracelet
Multicolored Diamond Hoops


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