NEW Mallary Marks: It's a Festival of Color!

March 06, 2023

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Time to try something new! The latest arrivals from Mallary Marks bring an abundance of lighthearted luxury with a distinctly handcrafted touch. It’s a festival of fun gemstone combos under the canopy of color and form. Find the piece that floats your boat in buoy necklaces and earrings, then grab some spun sugar on the way to the circus and enjoy the show! 
Zircon and Blue Sapphire Trapeze Earrings
Emerald and Pink Tourmaline Necklace
Triple Buoy Necklace
Small Tanzanite Lily Pad Earrings
Orange Sapphire and Amazonite Earrings
Pearl and Sapphire Spun Sugar Necklace
Pink Tourmaline and Diamond Earrings
Garnet and Pink Tourmaline Earrings
Tanzanite and Citrine Earrings
Smoky Quartz and Moss Aquamarine Earrings
Ruby Kite Earrings
Champagne Mermaid Earrings
Rutilated Quartz Buoy Earrings
Jubilee Bracelet
Aquamarine Necklace with Amethyst Pendant
Zircon and Lace Agate Earrings
Sapphire and Quartz Apple and Eve Earrings
Light Blue Circus Briolette Necklace
Pink and Green Collage Necklace
Sapphire and Chrysoprase Earrings
Multicolored Spun Sugar Earrings
Spire Earrings
Chrysoprase Necklace with Buoy Pendant
Pink Tourmaline and Emerald Earrings


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