Oh-so-stackable! NEW Arrivals from Joseph Brooks

March 01, 2022

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Let the colors soothe your senses and let the gemstones soothe your soul! Pile on your Joseph Brooks bracelets just in time for warmer weather and lighter hearts. Perfect for gifting, each piece carries healing energy along with the stunning beauty of the earth. Comfortable, adjustable, and oh-so-stackable, these bracelets are just what your wrist has been missing!
Chrysocolla, Lapis & Larimar Bracelet
Blue and Green Fluorite Bracelet
Faceted Moonstone Rondelle Bracelet
Aquamarine Crystal Necklace
Kunzite Crystal Pendant Necklace
Faceted Amethyst Bracelet
Rubellite Tourmaline Bracelet
Moonstone Dart Pendant Necklace
Faceted Turquoise Rondelle Bracelet
Arizona Turquoise and Onyx Bracelet
Natural Herkimer Diamond Crystal Necklace
Aquamarine Rondelle Bracelet
Beryl, Jade and Onyx Bracelet
Quatz Crystal Pendant Necklace
Natural Citrine Quartz Crystal Necklace
Smooth Burmese Jade Bracelet
Tibetan Prayer Bead Bracelet with Jade
Smooth Dioptase Bracelet
Natural Lava Bracelet
Smoky Quartz Crystal Pendant
Black Tourmaline Crystal Necklace
Rough Black Tourmaline Nugget Bracelet
Red Garnet Beaded Bracelet
Natural Topaz Crystal Necklace
Orange Garnet Bracelet
Hessonite Garnet Bracelet


New Arrivals ✨ GELLNER
New Arrivals ✨ GELLNER

June 23, 2024

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June 22, 2024

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NEW Arrivals ✨ Barbara Heinrich
NEW Arrivals ✨ Barbara Heinrich

June 20, 2024

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