Paul Morelli: Diamond Perfection

June 07, 2023

Paul Morelli | Designer Jewelry specializing in diamond huggie earrings and hoop earrings, confetti collection, rainbow moonstone, wire bracelets and necklaces all crafted in Philadelphia

Wander through a garden of earthly delights in the latest arrivals from Paul Morelli. This crisp, clean collection sparkles with meticulous attention to detail, evident in each and every piece. Explore a wide range of selections, from diamond studded gold cable bracelets and necklaces to rose cut diamonds, luxurious fine moonstones and luminous pearls. Experience harmonious, focused design with a slightly surreal edge.
Turquoise Sequence Pendant Necklace
Large Diamond Confetti Huggies
Cornucopia Chain Bracelet
Small Moonstone Bubble Ring
Moonstone Bubble Studs
Diamond Station Necklace
Rose Cut Diamond Ring
Blue Sapphire Wild Child Studs
Moonstone Bubble Hoops
Double Wire Diamond Bracelet
Floating Diamond Necklace
Pearl Sequence Drop Earrings
Rose Cut Diamond Studs
Confetti Wire Bracelet
Diamond Confetti Band
Wind Chime Earrings with Pearls
Aquamarine and Diamond Bubble Studs
Diamond Pipette Necklace
Sequence Pearl Necklace
Flexible Stitch Bracelet
Single Wire Diamond Bracelet
Confetti Circle Earrings


Here Come the SUN ☀️
Here Come the SUN ☀️

July 11, 2024

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July 09, 2024

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Crush-Worthy Summertime Studs!
Crush-Worthy Summertime Studs!

July 07, 2024

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