The Latest Looks from Marian Maurer ✨

September 05, 2022

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The latest looks from Marian Maurer have just arrived! Bask in the warmth of brushed gold and softened geometry, with jewel-toned gemstones nestled snug in their bezels. Seek out your sun sign, find your perfect pendant, or sport a single stud. Looking for a right hand ring? Browse through all the substantial four and six stone bands, diamond-studded statement pieces or go for simplicity in satiny solid gold. 
Diamond City Hoops
Kima Ruby Ring
Pink Tourmaline City Pendant Necklace
Code Chain Bracelet
Large Orpheus Diamond and Sapphire Band
Medium Pink Sapphire Porch Skimmer Band
Puffy City Hoops
Oval Blue Sapphire City Pendant Necklace
Blue Gray Sapphire Faerie Stud (Single)
Rectangular Aquamarine City Drop Earrings
Extra Small City Link Bracelet
Small Blue Sapphire Porch Skimmer Band
Purple Sapphire City Earrings
Aquamarine City Pendant Necklace
Pink Sapphire Faerie Stud
Medium Dakri Hoops
Blue Green Sapphire City Earrings
Pink Sapphire City Pendant Necklace
Emerald Porch Skimmer Band
Large Vivi Band with Diamonds
Scorpio Pendant Necklace
Medium City Link Bracelet
Large Diamond Porch Skimmer Band
Morganite City Pendant Necklace


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Here Come the SUN ☀️

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