Sparkling Stacks for Summer ☀️ Joseph Brooks

June 17, 2021

Sparkling Stacks for Summer ☀️  Joseph Brooks

Get grounded in earthly delight in this warm, softly glowing stack from Joseph Brooks. Dig deep and center yourself in garnet, jasper, and lava, the root of all creation. Feel the fire from within and let the power of transformation take hold.

8mm Smooth Lava Beaded Bracelet
8mm Scenic Jasper and Black Onyx Bracelet
10mm Smooth Orange Garnet Bracelet
8mm Smooth Impression Jasper
Black Tourmaline Crystal Bead Bracelet
8mm Pyrite Bracelet
Lapis and Picture Jasper Bracelet
8mm Gold Tiger's Eye Bracelet 
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A refreshing splash of lime has the power to transform the ordinary to extraordinary. A twist of lemon is a beautiful reminder of the simplest things in life. A sweet, juicy clementine can lift any spirit. These mouth-watering summer hues will zest up your collection!
8mm Faceted Prehnite Bracelet
10mm Citrine Quartz Bracelet
8mm Faceted Citrine Bracelet
Large Faceted Peridot Nugget Bracelet
4mm Cube Prehnite Bead Bracelet
8mm Faceted Chrysoprase Bracelet

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Channel your inner mermaid in this tropics inspired stack from Joseph Brooks! Soothing blue apatite mingles with sparkling amethyst florals and boulder opal shells and sand. These treasures take you straight to island time, where cares are carried off by the salt air and the trade winds carry scents sent from heaven itself.

8mm Faceted Light Amethyst Bracelet
8mm Dark Blue Apatite Bracelet
Boulder Opal Beaded Bracelet
Multicolored Sapphire Beaded Bracelet
Ruby and Brass Bracelet
8mm Dark Amethyst Bracelet
8mm Faceted Kunzite Bracelet
8mm Smooth Kyanite Bracelet
8mm Faceted Lapis Bracelet
10mm Faceted Arizona Turquoise Bracelet
Smooth Green Flourite Beaded Bracelet
8mm Chrysoprase Bracelet


A large, dark blue, lapis nugget necklace with interspersed 18k yellow gold beads with a stack of yellow gold and diamond rings in the foreground, one with a round, faceted blue sapphire and one with a square, bezel set blue sapphire
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