A Walk in the Woods

September 24, 2022

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Gabriella Kiss reminds us all to open our eyes and hearts to the wonders of the living forest. A deer has shed its antlers as it looks toward another year, a snake slips silently, perhaps unaware of its intimidating nature. In fall, mushrooms pop up brightly around every bend, and the smells of the turning season permeate our spirit. A film of frost ice has formed overnight, but the evergreen woods are unphased, versed in the transition. It is plain to see the source of inspiration in the artist's works, but rare to see such beauty in the expression.
Pear Shaped Colombian Emerald Ring
Bronze Walk in the Woods Necklace
Mushroom Earrings with Garnet Drops
Large Snake Ring
Oval Green Sapphire Ring
Small Bronze Antler Earrings
Small Tourmaline Damselfly Earrings
Pine Needle Necklace
Garnet Tree Intaglio Ring
Black Mother of Pearl Moth Earrings
Spiral Snake Earrings with Ruby Drops
Bronze Blade of Grass Ring
Pyrite in Schist Bracelet
Agate Wing Pendant Necklace
Horizontal Dendrite Ring
Racoon Rib Earrings
Silver Beetle Earrings
Pear Shaped Lacy Orange Diamond Ring
Mouse Bone Necklace
Large Wasps in Honeycomb Earrings
Oval Dendrite Drop Earrings
Smoky Quartz Ring
Large Spiral Snake Pin
Rectangular Rutilated Quartz Earrings


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