Anthony Lent: The Moon, The Starts & The Ouroboros

February 16, 2023

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Perhaps each moment until now was designed to lead up to this very point, and each moment to come has already been written in the stars. When we let the universe guide us, our lives become smoother, more liberating, and even more beautiful. Anthony Lent creates fine jewelry in connection to the celestial and earthbound bodies that offer unending abundance to those willing to receive it. The moon, the stars and the ouroboros, a serpentine symbol of the cycles of life, are thematic throughout this deeply moving collection.
Small Crescent Moonface Hoops
Double Ouroboros Aquamarine Snake Necklace
Celestial Charm Necklace
Vulcana Earrings with Diamond Eyes
Crescent Moonface Reflection Ring
Ouroboros Snake Bangle
Small Moonface Ring
Two Headed Rubellite Serpent Ring
Crescent Moonface Opal Reflection Earrings
Tiny Hands Diamond Ring
Vulcana Ring with Diamond Eyes
Crescent Moonface Bangle
Crescent Moonface Necklace
Ruby Hand Band
Ouroboros Snake Ring
Tahitian Pearl in Hand Pendant Necklace


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