Gabriella Kiss: Sugary Sweet Stacks!

June 30, 2021

Gabriella Kiss: Sugary Sweet Stacks!

Unwrap flawlessly flavorful bursts of saturated color in this sugary stack from Gabriella Kiss. A treat for the senses, blueberry sapphire, green apple emerald, and raspberry ruby combine for a hard candy ring dish chock-full of lip smacking delights.
14k Creare Band
Oval Emerald Ring
Marquise Sapphire Ring
Deep Blue Sapphire Ring
Emerald Cut Ruby Ring
Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring
Amor Band
Colombian Emerald Ring


Boost your immunity and your love for refreshing color in this summer spritzer stack from Gabriella Kiss. A twist of lemon sapphire, a zest of lime tourmaline, and a scoop of pink grapefruit spinel will become your new luxurious libation of choice.

Emerald Cut Green Sapphire Ring
Pear Shaped Green Tourmaline Ring
Oval Pink Spinel Ring
Pear Shaped Yellow Sapphire Ring
Pale Persian Turquoise Ring
Round Pink Sapphire Ring
Oval Citrine Ring
Vasonite Ring
Round Peridot Ring
Pear Shaped Aquamarine Ring


Fresh picked and ripened to perfection, this fruit-juicy purple stack from Gabriella Kiss will bring the vineyard vines to your ring finger. Grape amethyst, boysenberry spinel, and pale sapphire blueberry will have you puckering up for these precious preserves.

Square Pink Spinel Ring
Oval Amethyst Ring
Pale Pink Sapphire Ring
Deep Pink Sapphire Ring
Mauve Sapphire Ring
Pear Holly Blue Agate Ring
Tanzanite Crystal Ring
Emerald Cut Pink Sapphire Ring