It's a *Kiss* to remember this Valentine's Day!

February 07, 2023

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It's a Kiss to remember this Valentine's Day! With so many ways to express your love, we have the ones they'll cherish forever. A collection of Gabriella Kiss jewelry will remind them just how powerful sweet emotion can be, and how beautiful. We hope you'll embrace this opportunity to celebrate the moment with connection and a touch of golden romance. As a tender reminder, no act of self love is ever wasted, and a gift given both from and to you will always feel just right. 
Oval Rubellite Ring
Love Token Bracelet
Small Snake Hoops with Sapphire Drops
Kazakhstan Turquoise Earrings
Organic Rose Cut Blue Sapphire Ring
Ivy Leaf Earrings with Sapphire Drops
Flying Bird Earrings
Cushion Shaped Blue Sapphire Ring
Large Oval Amethyst Earrings
Large Snake Ring
Emerald Cut Pink Sapphire Ring
Freshwater Wing Pearl Earrings
Eye with Tear Ring
Hexagonal Ruby Pendant Necklace
Square Faceted Aquamarine Earrings
Snake Bangle
Rose Cut Pink Sapphire Ring
Angel Earrings
Ant Studs
Cushion Moss Aquamarine Ring
Blue Green Tourmaline Earrings
Pine Needle Necklace
Small Eye Braclet
Oval Mozambique Ruby Ring