NEW Arrivals ✨ Barbara Heinrich

November 30, 2023

barbara heinrich 18k yellow gold leaf cuff with scattered diamonds and a pair of triangular opal earrings, fine jewelry boston, designer jewelry boston, barbara heinrich jewelry

Wrapped in ribbons of golden light, Barbara Heinrich's designs are the perfect layer to gift this holiday season! Shop the rich textured gold and hand chosen stones of this divine collection, with vibrant color, elegant detail, and sparkle galore. Quadrum is freshly stocked with a majestic selection of rings, chains, bracelets, and drops that take luxury to the next level in unique pieces that top every gem lover's wish list. 
Teardrop Aquamarine Earrings
Carved Glacier Disc Pendant Necklace
Five Ribbon Ring with Channel Set Diamonds
Glacier Moonstone Drop Earrings
Triangular Opal Drop Earrings
Oval Link Necklace
Twisted Link Petal Necklace
Double Curve Band with Ruby
Smooth Multicolored Spinel Earrings
Three Ribbon Cuff with Diamonds
Carved Glacier Band with Brown Diamonds
Tourmaline Crystal Beaded Necklace
Oval Black Diamond Wrap Bracelet
Double Ice Edge Glacier Earrings
Swirl Earrings with Scattered Diamonds
Black Diamond and Gold Barrel Necklace
Clover Shaped Labradorite Necklace
Baroque Silver White Pearl Earrings
Open Navette Earrings with Tanzanite Drops
Blue Sapphire Glacier Band
Blue Sapphire and Moonstone Ring
Labradorite Rondelle Bracelet
Shell Cluster Pendant Necklace
Aquamarine Navette Earrings


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