NEW Arrivals ✨ Pat Flynn

January 15, 2024

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Arm yourself with the strength of iron and diamonds and revel in the glory of gold in a piece from metalsmith Pat Flynn's latest creations. Forged in fire, cooled with ice, these coveted nails, bangles, and cuffs are meticulous masterpieces that will be central to your stack or can proudly stand alone. With these empowering pieces by your side every day, nothing can stand in your way. Be brave in your style and strong in spirit, and each click of the clasp will have you feeling the heat in bold, brazen beauty!  
22k Yellow Gold Bangle 
Super Dust Nail Bracelet with Diamonds
Nail Bracelet with Tapered Diamond Stripe
Iron & 22k Yellow Gold Bangle
Rose Gold Sprinkled Diamond Nail Bracelet
3 Diamond Iron Nail Bracelet
Iron and 18k Gold Dust Bangle
22k Yellow Gold Collar Nail Bracelet
Super Dust Nail Bracelet with Diamond
Large Sprinkle Nail Pin
Full Sprinkle Diamond Nail Bracelet
Rose Gold Pave Diamond Tail Nail Bracelet
Princess Cut Diamond Nail Bracelet
Celtic Heart Pin
Large 22k Yellow Dust Nail Bracelet
Pave Diamond Iron Nail Head Bracelet
Plain Nail Bracelet
22k Collar Nail Bracelet
Striated Rain Hinged Cuff Bangle
Engraved Gold Dust Cuff with Diamond



June 22, 2024

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NEW Arrivals ✨ Barbara Heinrich
NEW Arrivals ✨ Barbara Heinrich

June 20, 2024

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Summer Arrivals! NEW Anne Sportun ☀️
Summer Arrivals! NEW Anne Sportun ☀️

June 17, 2024

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