NEW Designer ✨ Introducing Robin Haley!

December 03, 2023

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A soulful new addition to the Quadrum collection, designer Robin Haley brings her positive energy to the gallery in pieces steeped in ancient remembrance and joy. Many of these treasures have been cast from true artifacts of human history and infused with affirmations to guide us deeper into ourselves. Crafted in Nashville, each piece is hand made with recycled gold, pure intentions, and love. Discover your new mantra and your new beautiful bling and bring a sense of spiritual balance to your life and style!
Small Compass Artifact Earrings
Stag Reverence Pendant Necklace
Bee Artifact Pendant Necklace
Five Montana Sapphire Band
Diamond Huggies
Mother & Child Artifact Pendant Necklace
Hamsa and The Snake Pendant Necklace
Hummingbird Earrings
Delicate Organic Diamond Band
Seahorse Artifact Pendant Necklace
The Light Artifact Pendant Necklace
Sweet Child of Mine Artifact Earrings
Tiny Gratitude Star Studs
Positive Energy Artifact Necklace
The Goat Artifact Pendant Necklace
Tiny Diamond Huggies
When Stars Align Artifact Earrings
Compass Artifact Pendant Necklace
Tiny Cherub Artifact Pendant Necklace
Delicate Diamond Bee Pendant Necklace


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