Our Favorite Chain (as seen on Jenna Lyons!)

July 06, 2021

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When The New York Times dubbed former J. Crew president and creative director Jenna Lyons “The Woman Who Dresses America,” the world took notice. When a style authority faithfully wears a line from one of our beloved designers, we take notice! The iconic handcrafted chains from Maria Beaulieu are a favorite of Lyons (just peep her Instagram @jennalyonsnyc) and of course, of ours! Layer them up with a pendant or three and get smart about this timeless and versatile must-have that is truly built to last. 
Lightweight Chain - 18 1/4"
Heavyweight Chain - 21"
Small Kingman Turquoise Pendant
Rose Quartz Pendant
Milky Cabochon Aquamarine Pendant
Pear Shaped Labradorite Pendant
Pale Emerald Cut Emerald Pendant
Metallic Freshwater Pearl Pendant
Dumortierite Pendant
Oval Morganite Pendant
Blue Gray Star Sapphire Pendant
Oval Kingman Turquoise Pendant
Oval Amethyst Pendant
Pyrite in Quartz Pendant
Large Chamber Enhydro Quartz Pendant
Peridot Pendant
Blue Star Sapphire Pendant
Blue Moonstone Pendant
Blue Kingman Turquoise Pendant
Rectangular Citrine Pendant
Pyrite in Quartz Pendant
White Aquamarine Pendant
Amethyst Enhydro Quartz Pendant
Rubellite Tourmaline Pendant
Purple Pink Sapphire Pendant
Quartz Pendant
Black Opal Pendant
Oval Labradorite Pendant


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