PAUL MORELLI ✨ Diamond Confetti

January 24, 2023

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Jewelry from the Paul Morelli studio is distinguished by its fine workmanship and technique rather than by a signature motif. The styles are fluid, but the artistry remains constant, as pieces are at once simple yet intricate, antique-inspired yet fashion-forward, clean yet artistic. Explore a wide range of selections, from rose cut diamonds to gleaming fine moonstones and luminous pearls. 
Flexible Stitch Diamond Bracelet
Small Pearl Wind Chime Hoops
Mali Garnet and Diamond Earrings
Large Diamond Pipette Necklace
Oval Link Bracelet
Confetti Circle Earrings
Small Diamond Confetti Hoops
Pink Sapphire Wild Child Pendant 
9 Diamond Necklace
Sequence Gold Bead Studs
Ultimate Hoops
Single Wire confetti Bracelet
Rose Cut Diamond Studs
Small Multicolored Diamond Huggies
Sequence Pearl Necklace
Pearl Sequence Drop Earrings
Bubble Cluster Moonstone Earrings
Blue Sapphire Flower Charm Pendant
Diamond Confetti Band
Small Diamond Huggies
Moonstone Bubble Hoops
Small Aquamarine Bubble Cluster Earrings


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