Save the Date! Gabriella Kiss Personal Appearance

May 12, 2022

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Stay grounded in earth’s majestic tones and sail away to the ethers on winged wonders in Gabriella Kiss! There's beauty in the connection between ourselves and our surroundings, and what better way to celebrate this common thread than to adorn yourself in the artist’s wondrously imaginative world. Inspired by her own wooded landscape, Gabriella Kiss delivers nature’s treasures into your hands. Meet the artist herself for a long anticipated trunk show and personal appearance on May 21.
Herkimer Drop Earrings with Ants
Eye with Tear Ring
Pear Shaped Orange Lacy Diamond Ring
Spiral Snake Earrings
Rock Crystal Hickory Nut Pendant
Rose Cut Salt and Pepper Diamond Studs
Oval Carnelian Earrings
18k Small Snake Ring
Large Eye Pendant Necklace
Butterfly Earrings with Ruby Drops
Medium Hammered Scallop Earrings
Oval Horizontal Dendrite Ring
Oval Rubellite Tourmaline Ring
Scallop Necklace
Butterfly Cell Wing Earrings
Rose Cut Orange Sapphire Ring
Oval White Diamond Ring
Octagonal Diamond Drop Earrings
Bronze Hand Earrings
Round Dendritic Agate Ring