Aquarius Stack

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The water bearers bestow open ended spiritual energy upon the universe, giving life to new growth and awakenings. The Age of Aquarius is upon us, so let us honor this air sign in a stack celebrating the blue of both the sky and sea. Pools of opal and rivers of sparkling light depict the restorative nature of water. A blossom floats fancifully along a twisting stream, allowing for ideas and free thought to flow. Skip along the stepping stones of diamonds and gold and feel into the new revolution in the air. 

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Scattered Diamond Nail Bracelet - Pat Flynn

Sky Blue Floral Bracelet - Lene Vibe

Bloom Stacking Skinny Cuff - Kate Maller

Opal Link Bracelet - Sophie Theakston

14k Small White Diamond Waving Riviera Bracelet - Nicole Landaw

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