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A fire sign ruled by the planet Mars, it’s no wonder ravishing red is the color best suited for Aries. Wrap up in the warmth of carnelian and garnet to match the flames of the passionate, confident ram. Draw upon the inner strength of the mind and body in heavyweight chain and forged iron, but let that friendly smile light up the room in a flowery daisy chain of gold. The first sign of the Zodiac, Aries is a baby born with the raw courage to brave the world right from the start.

To shop these bracelets individually: 

 2mm One Link Bracelet - Marian Maurer - SOLD OUT. Please call the gallery to inquire about placing a special order. 

Nail Bracelet with Gold Dust - Pat Flynn

34" - Red Carnelian Wrap Bracelet - Anne Sportun

22k Filigree Linked Bracelet with Pyrite Cluster - Ananda Khalsa

Garnet Beaded Bracelet Hammered Disc Bead - Margaret Solow

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