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With heads in the clouds and tails in the depths of the sea dwells Pisces, the twelfth sign of the zodiac. Watery blues and foamy greens capture the essence of the dreamy, compassionate, creative energy of the two fish. Ruled by the feet, Pisceans seek a greater understanding of others as they are most intuitive by nature. Arm yourself in this delicate intensity, echoing mystical mermaid vibes in aquamarine, amazonite, and sparkly diamonds, of course! 

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 Sterling Silver Foot Bracelet - Gabriella Kiss

8mm Smooth Aquamarine Rondelle Beaded Bracelet - Joseph Brooks

Amazonite Bead Wrap Bracelet - 34" - Anne Sportun

Blackened Silver Diamond Dance Cuff - Annie Fensterstock

Large White Gold Diamond Stitch Bangle - Paul Morelli

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