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The blue chakra governs our ability to speak our truth, so what better than the bluest of gems, the mighty sapphire, to represent the highly communicative sign of Virgo. The practical and analytical side of this kind hearted Earth sign keeps a tidy pairing of blue and gold, a combination in adornment that hearkens to ancient eras. An affinity for nature is not forgotten, nor are the delicious details in a golden floral bouquet, hand-hammered textures, or a slew of rough hewn gemstones. Guided by a quest for perfection, an endless chain and simple bangle of gold meet even the highest standards of this elegant virgin star sign.

To purchase these bracelets individually:

4mm Blue Sapphire Cube Bracelet - Joseph Brooks

Solid Tapered Cuff - Diana Mitchell

Braided Navy Floral Bracelet - Lene Vibe

Essential Dusted Hinged Bangle with Diamonds - Kate Maller

London Blue Quartz and Hammered Disc Bead Bracelet - Margaret Solow

18k Cornucopia Chain Bracelet - Paul Morelli 

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